One of the most important characters in the history of Bahd and his existence became a myth after many eras.


Ahura is one of the persona of the creator and titled "the Creator". He is a pure diety as a persona and has a power to create something from nothing. As the Creator persona, he have created portals to otherworlds and one known is the Underworld, the world of demons, and given the right to them to exist in Bahd.

The legend

In the beginning, the world was just a empty void. Once a great entity called The Creator watch that void and noticed that there is no life on it. So he created a world full of life. Tress, animals, beasts, sceneries and lastly, to steward the world, mortals. Mortals lived the world with pleasure and as time passes by, the creator noticed that mortals is not being united and civilization would not exist in that rate. So he created the Deities, grant with variety of powers and for that they where idolized by the mortals. It was then civilization existed.

But long after, deities waged war on each other and thus factions created and that was called Religions. The creator seems that the war can't be helped so he make himself exist in the world by creating Personas, Supreme deities that act as one and one of it is Ahura, the creator persona.

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