Arcane Projection is an ability of an Arcanist, or Wizards, to draw an Arcane with nothing.

The said ability is the product of mastery of Arcanism and Telekinesis. It's the hardest form of mastery of Arcanism which being antagonize by Instant Invokation. 

Though, Instant Invokation can invoke mulitude of spells instantly in a single arcane drawing. It can't access to more powerful arcanes, like Aurora Viel, Arcane of Teleportation and Tragedies. Some Wizards still resorts to Arcane Projection because of this but the wizard must first have or masters the Telekinesis technique which only few deities and wizards knew.

Named people who can use Arcane Projection are:

  • Myr Arcane
  • Hol 
  • Catleya Bizzare
  • Joan of Arc
  • Ares
  • Achilles 

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