Hassansins is a guild of mortals who specialize in killing.

They have discovered and studied further the most forbidden arcane of all, The Arcane of Flame: Geis, which the reason that they were once feared by all and that includeds the Dieties.

Assasins exist between the eras of Excellentia Bellum and Ragnarok Exalt where they have been participated in the two Holy Wars, Seikishidan and Jihad. But in Jihad, Hassan, their head, has been called by Ifrit to participate in the war which leaves the guild unleaded.

At the brink of disbandment, a Nocturne recently joined the guild and earns her position as she do her contracts, her name is Mary, which later became the head of the Assassins.

At the lead of Mary, which later called as Bloody Mary, the Assassins has been written again in history, thus doing tasks that affirms the people's needs. But after the discovery of the Shard of Hitten, the Crown Breaker, the Assassins earns the infamy on Gods, thus Gods cut their connection on mortals on the early Ragnarok Exalt.


Hassan I SabbahEdit

The Great Black Assassin of the Middle East. Hassan is the founder of the Hassassins which the group named after. But later he leaves the group and became a member of Muslim Religion.

Bloody MaryEdit

A Nocturne who standed as the second leader of Hassansin. Her true name is Mary the First which standed as the leader of Nocturne Clan before Susano-o bribe them to join. After that, Mary went to see the Hassassin and later became their second leader. She is the holder of the Staff of North Star which allows her to teleport on her target and later kill the victim. It was rumored that if a certain person will say the Gospel of Bloody Mary, say 'Bloody Mary' fourteen times in a mirror while holding a candle, the person will see her destined one but on the otherhand an Arcane of Teleportaion will be made to that mirror that if the Gospel of Bloody Mary will be recasted on same mirror, Mary will appear and slay the victim.

Cu ChulainnEdit

Is the third and the last Leader of the Hassansins, his birthname was Setanta but it was change when he served the Blacksmith Chulann which gave him the Gae Bolg. He is a Crown Breaker which allows him to erase God's Ability even the God is still alive or not. Cu Chulainn later was defeated by Siv and so on the disbandment of the guild

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