Known as Bahd the Conqueror, he is the God of Destruction. He is the other soul whom resides within Siv.

History and BackgroundEdit

Bahd is a character in the myth of creation. He is the vessel of The Destroyer and conquered 3/4 of the world's populace and land mass. When he died, his soul was the last one sealed the wings of King Sad later became The Last Arcanite. When Sad was killed, his soul go inside within Siv whom he became his next vessel. Bahd then helps Siv by sharing his powers to attain the known peace.


Bahd have very the same face with Siv but Bahd true face has horns and thorns on his body. He is called the Baphomet as an arcanite which has a ram like appearance. Before he died, he wears a black robe with chains attach.


To summarize, his attitude is the opposite of Siv except when they deal about garlic bread. He is very impatient in battle, often saying "Lets make this an early game", because Siv will lose its energy as time passes.


His powers unknown but it was revealed that they are all very destructive.