is a character in the Book of Dragons: Dark Years and Constellation.

“I shall let you know, The Fear of Death is same thing with the Fear of being unloved”


Little is known with Catleya’s history until it was revealed all in the constellation. Catleya is, in fact, the remnant of Constellation, the legendary mother of all Celestial Dragons. She is the soul of Constellation which materialized in Bahd after the Constellation was thrown by Susano-O. She appears suddenly in the Book of Dragons as the fiancée, and soon became the wife, of Simon Artwind, the clan master of Lotus.

She is known as the world’s most powerful wizard, a member of the Warmaidens, and a Vanguard of Wisdom. She gains her title as the most powerful wizard after defeating Myr Arcan, the son of God of Arcanes: Hol.

She is also known for mastering Seven common Sealing Languages and three rare Sealing Languages; the Cuneiform, the language of Fallen Angels, Numerals, the language of the God of Time, and Alphabet, the language of the legendary myth called Earth.


She existed after Susano-O threw away the Constellation, weapon, after defeating Nue. The constellation fell on the land and the soul of Constellation, in astral form, was attracted unto it. When it was united, Catleya existed having all the knowledge of history.

Catleya later join the Sal Kingdom shortly after it was founded. There she met Simon Artwind and fell in love.

During Rian’s story in the Book of Dragons, it was noted that she had a child, it was Shar. But during the Rian’s Black Lotus Rebellion, Simon and Catleya was captured. Simon was killed by Joan, but Catleya was able to escape after a grimoire fell from Simon’s pocket.

In the last defense of Sal Kingdom, Catleya faced Joan and there she first casted her trademark spell, The Catleya’s Fragrance. Catleya died because of that but made Joan lose her holy armor that resist spells.

Catleya once again transmuted into an astral but after she reunited, she was able to regain her full form, the Largest Celestial Dragon.


Shar, her daughter, was at 14 years old and became a blood thirsty murderer. She was able and won the Second Ragnarok but due to a lost friend, Cu Chulainn, she changed a became a bounty hunter. After hearing the Constellation being placed with a very high bounty, she decided to hunt it because of the bounty and her mission as the Grand Lotus.

After many battles against Constellation, she finally was able to defeat it and there was revealed that the Constellation was her mother. 

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