is the God of Fate and the only survivor of Rhayne's regime during the Beginning.

History and BackgroundEdit

He is one of the Persona of divine Creator given the title "The Almighty". Among the characters, he is the most knowledgeable of all and the very friend of the Judgment which he call him in his name "Adam". He holds the book which rumored that it came from the other worlds and he use the ancient form of magic called Gospel. Later on Rhaynes regime in the title God of all Gods. He is the only survivor of it by befriending a Foreseer named Testament and evade the most horrifying haunt of Rhayne.

Later on Great Harvest, he was slain by Rhayne when he protects the Lawicia from Rhayne's wrath.


He is known to honor Siv as the most powerful God of all. He is known to be respectful and humble to all other gods, may it be good or evil.


As Siv described, his power are limitles

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