is the goddess of Ocean and Seas after the Seikishidan.


Ezl was a naga living under the seas and command of the past God of Seas, Poseidon. Upon Poseidon's reign on the throne, Ezl was planning a mutiny agaisnt him. But she can't do that because of Poseidon's pet, The Kraken, which is under the command of a Black Saint named Sha.

When the Ambrosia was stolen, Greek Gods gone to rampage as Sha was the culprit. Poseidon's back was opened as it is the time Ezl was waiting for. With the blessing of the other gods, Ezl started a mutiny which leads to Poseidon's death and later Ezl was granted with the crown of the Goddess of Seas.


Granted with the blessing of the crown of seas, she is able to manipulate, cast, and summon any water based spells as she wish for.

Being as the Goddess of Seas, she can deploy a tragedy arcane called "Arcane of Seas: Tsunami"


Although she speaks in a rough manner, she know how to feel regret and love.

Ezl, pronounced as Ezel, means "Departure" which connects nothing on her.

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