is a character in Immortal Flame


Glock is the daughter of the World’s Most Strongest Brawler, Magnum Seven. When she was born dying and was assumed to die in a week. The Arcanite of Strength was seeking for his new vessel and he can’t seek a person deserving to become one until it located the infant Glock, who was dying. It choose Glock and made Glock alive, it was described that Glock cry after the Arcanite fused with her.

After Magnum died, Glock became the Clan Master of Cat Clan. She became also a leader in the 3rd Division of Covert Ops. When Sal Kingdom created the project Expedition Teams, she was included in the team where Siv Valentine leads.

Glock became a loyal member to Siv and also a very important member. She view Siv as an excellent tactician. He would never risk his member’s life. As the story goes on, Glock fell in love to Siv, but Siv already in relation with Shar, so she kept it hidden, until Siv started to hunt the Arcanites. Unlike other Arcanites, Glock was aware that she is an Arcanite and also one of the few sane ones.

Glock duels Siv in a friendly match. But Shar, who has the power to read minds, knows her plan and kept it secret. Until Siv made a blow anticipating Glock would block but she didn’t. Glock died and Siv was in disarray, but Shar explains that he didn’t kill Glock because the true Glock was long dead.


Glock has a Cat lineage. She is able to detect enemy’s presence in a wide range, able to count it and determine what shape and weight.

Glock is the Arcanite of the Strength, she able to specify how much strength she can have.


Glock is highly depicted as a martial artist. Unlike her mother, Magnum, who uses Jurs, Glock is pure brawler.

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