or Efreet, is one of the most important characters in the story.


One of the most undefined characters on its appearance except on the Immortal Flame: New Testament. He was descripted wearing simply a black tux. His hair was flaming and has pale skin.


Ifrit is the last living part of Ahura, the heart. He was given life by Judgment's brush of creation for reviving the other Jinns, the Flame Demons, and revive Catholic Religion in the Second Holy war. But instead, he created his own religion and called it "Islam".

Ifrit and his comrades won as he later was approached by Judgment and tried to kill him. But Ifrit explains, that Catholic Religion was defeated in the first holy war because of demons and he is working what Judgment asked him. He later established a union of Gods which lately called "The Lawicia" which means "The Noble Law".


The Dragon Blood.

Ifrit is the strongest Jinn of all. Allowing him to do his utmost power in flame spells and immunity to it.


Ifrit is a general term for Islamic demons.

Ifrit is the great grandfather of Siv Valentine. Father of Sal the Dragon, and Grandfather of Wilhelmina Crimsonwing.

Although, Wilhelmina is her granddaughter. Ifrit saw Lilith's, his lover, image to her.