Is a recurring character in the series.

Judgment uses different names all over, known in Constellation as Jean Drylake and as Adam in Seikishidan. Although he appears on different names, his appearance is still the same.

Judgment is known as one of the oldest gods of the world. But although he is powerful, he kept his aura always. The only instance that he shows his aura was when he battled Rhayne in the Immortal Flame III. Judgment is known having yellow spiky hair and only dress with ragged jacket and pants. But he is well known of having a relic. A giant paintbrush named Brush of Creation.

Judgment is known as the Untitled God. Reason is he didn’t kill any god or accepted any crown. But though, he remains a very high reputation in the Lawicia ever since he killed the beast known as Underworld. Judgment has the ability to summon anything and everything at once, known when he summoned 15 gods at once when he battle Rhayne. His history is remains unknown but it was mention by Dunamis that he is the first person that the creator made that’s why he is called Adam of Creation. Judgment has also the ability to give life to something that has no life. One perfect example is Ifrit, he was given life by Judgment to create another Holy War which later known as Jihad. Judgment still plays a neutral role but it is known that his name imply his stand, The Judge of the Gods.

Trivia Judgment is considered as the fourth most powerful god of all. His appearance is like of Chow of Rurouni Kenshin. The only thing differs is his weapon.

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