Knights are also well-known to the world often acts as supports and some of them became heroes in history. Knights are the masters on their on weaponry and mostly specialize in real one-on-one combat. Likely, they are greatly feared by Outlaws because of their proficiency in weaponry.

Legendary KnightsEdit

The White KnightEdit

White Knight are the most legendary and one of the feared legends of old. White Knights can master any weapon by just holding it and notably can defeat a whole army. Known White Knights are Wilhelmina Crimsonwing, Shar Greyrose and Susano-O. But Susano-O is the one who marks the fear of white knights on gods as he nearly defeat the whole council all by himself.

The Black KnightEdit

Black Knight is the most legendary of all legends. Known to be that no weapon in the world can kill him. Thus it was later renamed as "The True Immortal" in the world of Bahd. The only known black knight is Siv Valentine.

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