is a character in the Book of Dragons…

“A mantis is a predator of beautiful things”

Lona is known as the “Orchid Mantis” because of her sword style and way of killing. She is also the Vice Commander and Chief of Sal Kingdom following Wilhelmina’s footsteps. But though, she is the leader of the troop where Wilhelmina belong.

Lona is both a swordslady and a tactician. When Rian look for a tactician for his troop, she was the one got invited by Wilhelmina’s hint.

In the Book of DragonsEdit

Lona came back to Sal Kingdom after her failure to retrieve Mt. Divine from Sad Kingdom. She lost her whole troop leaving only her and her weapon-smith, Scattach. At the kingdom, she was introduced by Wilhelmina to Rian and became his tactician.

Upon their battles, Lona saw Rian as a prodigy, capable of making miracles during the war. But, that admiration became to love which she tempted Rian and bore a child, knowing that Rian loves Wilhelmina. They bore a child, Kyl, who gains Rian’s lineage, Lotus. But when Rian was pointed out as a criminal, Edward used Lona as a bait to Rian.

Edward was about to execute Lona hoping that Rian gonna come out. But, Rian intentionally didn’t rescue Lona and died.

When Lona died, Wilhelmina began to grudge Rian to death.

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