Mortals is a division of living things that has intellect and mindset of life. But distinct on Deities in terms of dying. Mortals are capable of dying through aging and decay.

This is an hierarchy of Mortal Races according to power


Demons originate from the Underworld, a seperate world or planet, which only made to Bahd by portal travel created by Ahura. Demons, along with the Angels, are the most strongest and powerful among the race. Their abilities are distinct which can be equalled to a Deity, or even a God. But although they're powerful, they can age by the process of decay.


Aligning from Demons in terms of power, Angels are another powerful race. They originated in the Overworld, a part of Underworld, which made a kingdom there called Heaven. Angels are known to be fearless and mighty as they never seek adventure in the Bahd when Ahura created a portal.

List of Angels Rank
CherubihmThrone Guardian


Ahurans are half-human half-Angel race but although they are half blooded. They have proven that they are more powerful than Angels. Ahurans are the dwellers of the Ahuran Kingdom, which later wasted in disarray but they rebuild it and called it Sad Kingdom. Ahurans and Angels have big similarity, they are humanoid winged beings with elongated ears, but most Ahurans have and oddly 1 wing which defines their gender; left for female, right for male; but some Ahurans have pairs or even more which describes their ranks as Angels.


Orcs are half demon half human races. Although their half demon, unlike Ahurans, they didn't inherit the ability of a demon but instead, the appearance of it. With their daunting appearances, they remain in solitude and little is known for their existence.


Are the true dwellers of Bahd, and its kingdom.


Humans who align theirselves in Hol Kingdom, mostly are master of sealing languages and spell binding.


Human groups who where gathered by Sal the Dragon. 13 different human clans with different abilities.


Humans who align theirselves in the kingdom of Sha. Intellect people who continue to study science and technological breakthrough.


One of the Human Clan who depart theirselves from the alliance of Sal. Lotus are people who have the ability to transform theirselves into different beasts. Thus with their superiority, they were announced as another Human race.

Name Race
Velvet SilentstormAhuran
Rian the SnakeHuman
Sal the DivineAhuran