is the titled God of all Gods and a recurring Antagonist among the series.

History and BackgroundEdit

He is a gladiator sent by Ahura to kill Bahd. But as Ahura predicted, Greed is man's nature. Rhayne after killing Bahd, killed Ahura. He then invades other Religion and later became the God of all Gods. Since immortality cannot be taken by killing other Gods. He died by aging but then before he die Goldlun create an Arcane Seal on his blood that will allow Rhayne to be incarnated in a certain body which was later called, the Black Lotus.


There are many variations of Rhayne in terms of appearance but most notable are his black pointy hair and his stigmata. The stigmata are the stitches in in his lips. Making im unable to speak but through ventriloquism, he can speak without moving or opening his mouth.


Even though Rhayne is the main antagonist in the story. At the begining, he is a very kind man. He often obey orders of the ones higher than him. But later, Goldlun appears to him and seduce him, and later became his wife. Goldlun then saw that Ahura gave him the Iceied Flayre, later she casted the other part of the Iceied Flayre which resulted to the Sword of Akazha: Iceied Flayre which it can absorb the power of the target and blow it. The side effect of the sword of Akazha is the Megalomania, or the hunger for power which later Goldlun used to exterminate the other gods with the use of Rhayne and his weapon. His kindness is very notable when Yu is about to die in the hands of Zeus but Rhayne appears and killed Zeus and spare Yu and the land which is standing or later the Outstanding Kingdom of Sha, which he promised to guard it as soon as he is alive.


Rhayne has no definite power other than his ability to ventriloquism but as his sword kill a god or any being that he killed. The powers of the victim will be used as long he blows it all up. This explains his power to withstand Bahd. Since he killed Ahura, Bahd and Ahura are equal in power. But later, since Siv has the Immortal Flame, he did not last long.

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