People gifted with beast tongue. Saints are one of the few classes of people who have a direct reletion to beast and thus, they have a definitive power to enter the Deity Realm.

Kinds of SaintsEdit


Rider Saints are very well known on Mortal World and Deities. Most of saints help people and do request with bounty. Named rider Saints are St. Germain, St. Gregory, and St. Valentine.


Tamer saints are saints who have tamed some of the most powerful beasts in the world. They are rare and only numerous of them has this ability.

Legendary SaintsEdit

White SaintEdit

A saint who have the ability to tame, own and command beasts with full control. Only known person who has this ability is Artemis who later control the minds of the Arcanite of the World which in the embodiment of Siv Valentine.

Black SaintEdit

This saint is known to be a living legend in the history of deities. A Black Saint has the ability to have a full synchronization on all mounts. The first known black saint is Sha which was used by Athena to calm down Kraken and control the mind of Nue which is a embodiment of The Lotus. Velvet Silentstorm also discovered to be a Black Saint which was discovered when she rode Siv Valentine's legendary mount, the Celestial Dragon Testament.

The ApostlesEdit

An association standed by 12 saints which call themselves, the apostles of Emmanuel. They are known to be the strongest, most powerful saints of all

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