Stigmata is cursed seals embedded to some few select beings which is overpowered in some elements.

Kinds of StigmatasEdit

Holy StigmatasEdit

Are stigmatas found on saints. Saints having the ability the tounge of the beasts, are very well known for having short lifespan, or half of normal persons lifespan.

Unholy StigmatasEdit

Unholy stigmatas are the ones which is considered as legends because of its rarity. People who have unholy stigmatas are known of their fame and infamy. If the stigmata is broken, the wielder will die. There are currently seven unholy stigmatas which are:

Stigmata of the WrathfulEdit

Wielder: Siv Valentine

Stigmata of the Wrathful signifies the person as the most powerful being of the world. Known for its limitless power and destructive ability. The stigmata prevents the wielder from unleashing immeasurable power. It is seen as cracks at the cheeks.

Stigmata of the GluttonEdit

Wielder: Rhayne

Stigmata of the Glutton signifies the person having the ability to eat and devour other peoples capacity and ability. Thus the person is known for its infamy for his murderous acts. The Stigmata prevents the user to unleash all absorb powers at once. It is seen as stitches on the mouth

Stigmata of the EnviousEdit

Wielder: Kyl Blackflower

Stigmata of the Envious signifies the person having the ability to fastly adapt other peoples capicity. Known for its mimicry and evasion from death. The Stigmata prevents the user to use his mimicry ability once a day. It is seen as a scar on one eye.

Stigmata of the GreedEdit

Wielder: Shar Greyrose

Stigmata of the Greed signifies the person having the ability of ultimate. Known for its ability to manipulate objects in all terms. The Stigmata prevents the user to use the Ultimate once a year. It is seen as eye-like tattoo in the checks.

Stigmata of the SlothfulEdit

Wielder: Myr Arcan

Stigmata of the Slothful signifies the person having the ability of nullifications. Known for its ability to null all forms of sealing language in an area. The Stigmata gives a certain distance of his nullifying ability. It is seen as the eyes being closed always.

Stigmata of the LustfulEdit

Wielder: Emmanuel

Stigmata of the Lustful signifies the person having the ability to summon all the nations at once. Knowns for its anti-army ability that can match the whole world. The Stigmata prevents the user to use his ability once in a decade. It is seen as a cross-shaped scar on the forehead.

Stigmata of the PridefulEdit

Wielder: Cu Chulainn

Stigmata of the Prideful signifies the person having a great pain. This stigmata is unique, for this benefits the wielder more by making him survive the great pain. It is seen as deep unhealing wounds all over the body.

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