is the Legendary Beast of Siv Valentine. One of the most feared beings of all and the known Largest Beast in the whole world.

"A Thundering Roar was heard. The Deities shivers as the Testament decend down from the heaven."

Testament is a legend that even the Saints won't believe in but after the extermination of saints done by Tsukoyomi. Testament decended from his resting place made existence. Known to be unimaginably the fastest among Celestial Dragons (155 mph speed), Testament's name became feared and became one of the dangerous beings in the world.

Due to that news, the hunt of Testament begun as many skilled bounty hunters brought to pace. The hunt continues on the Second Ragnarok as Cu Chulainn was looking for a mount. As Cu Chulainn heard of Testament, he pause his war and started to hunt Testament. Cu Chulainn is the only known person who broke Testament record as the fastest being of the world, and by that Testament was tamed and used in the Second Ragnarok.

When Cu Chulainn was judge by Judgment with treason, Testament's contract was broken as merchants sold him for a really high price that no one can bought. One day, he Siv Valentine exchange his weapon, Balyo for him and Testament vowed to be his new master.

As Siv was about to be reborn to Bahd, Shar and Kyl used the remaining lifeforce of Testament (approximately 1000 years) to bind Siv to his slumber. That event was later called the Millenium Slumber, as Testament will be asleep also that only Siv can awoken him.