is an ancient and powerful demi-human race which told over the books.


Ahurans came from Angels, an ancient race which consired to be an equal of gods and demons. Ahurans are half-angel half-humans. They generally depicted having an oddly one wing which because of that they believe that they are the race which the Creator God, Ahura, choose to be, because Ahura is depicted having only one wing.

Ahurans was first told in the Book of Dragons where they are leaded by Sad, an angel. They are safely living in their own kingdom, the Sad Kingdom, which because of it they started thinking as the most powerful but after the Seven Years War of Rian. It was proven that they are nothing compared to a talented man.

Powers and WeaknessEdit

Ahurans have an oddly one wing which in each of its feathers is capable of turning into a weapon they desire. There were many told Ahurans who became knights, the most popular is Morrigan, but Sad, the King of Ahurans, invented a special sealing language fit for Ahurans, the Alacanism. Alacanism is the seven known sealing language of the world which is designed for a person which able to invoke spells in fast manner but unlike Arcanes, Alacanism are not capable to invoking strong and powerful spells such as Tragedy types.

Ahurans are more elite than humans, they can live for an approximately 10000 years and have more agility and energy. They have no known weakness that’s why they are one of the four powerful clans in the world.

Later, because of Angels was not seen anymore, any person who have a wing or more are called Ahurans.

Kinds and Division of AhuransEdit

Normal AhuransEdit

Ahurans with just having a one wing. Unlike two wing Ahurans, they are not capable of flying.


Ahurans having a pair of wings. They are capable of flying and specialized in both Aerial and Land Combat. The most popular Angel is Morrigan.


The most elite division of Ahuran. Valkyries are known to be the trump card of Ahuran which known to have 10 times of a normal Ahuran agility. They are depicted to have 2 pairs of wings and they are three known; Brunhild, Skuld and Verdandi which was told in Constellation: Second Ragnarok.


The most rare among the Ahuran division. Known to have 3 pairs of wings or more. There are known three: Lucifer, having 6 pairs; Sad, having 3 pairs; and Judgment, having 10 pairs and one wings. Seraphims are known to be the strongest division of Ahurans.

Velvet Silentstorm

Velvet is an exception of an Ahuran. Velvet is a half-Ahuran half-Nocturne. She normally have one wing, but she can summon much wings as she can.

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