The Book of Dragons tales most of the wars recorded in the era of Ragnarok Exalt where it started on the uprising of the God of Chaos and Discord, Susano-O and ends on the Black Lotus Rebellion.

Book of Dragons: The Tainted BloodEdit

The first part of Book of Dragons where there exist a major problem. Demigods and Mortals created another offspring which was called "The Clans". Sal, the son of the God of Flame: Ifrit, was given a mission. To gather all these clans in one bulk. With the help of the Ahuran King, Sad. Sal journeys to his mission. As later, Susano-O moves and created a detour on Sal, where as he met demons and found out that Susano-O has three clans on his uprising. Sal and his followers join the war against Susano-O and later found out that he have done a very disgusting and humilating mistake in history.

Book of Dragons: The Dark YearsEdit

Set 15 years after the defeat of Susano-O. Sal Kingdom was celebrating their foundation day as a mysterious robed man appeared. The mysterious man later reveal as Rian the Snake, once a skilled bounty hunter but he decided to find his own place on history. As later he met Princess Wilhelmina Crimsonwing, daughter of Sal, and upon the story, fell in love in him. Story goes as Rian and Wilhelmina try to be united along the rough tides of destiny.

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