The Constellation Symbol

is considered as the most popular Ahuran Relic in the Great Harvest.


The Constellation originates back on the Era of the Beginning where Ahura shred his skin and became a living Celestial Dragon with same name. That Dragon devours all the souls of the mortals, just to show Bahd's strong people, but Bahd send his own son and daugther, Ryu and Hebi, to battle this Dragon.

The Constellation was slain and placed a curse on its corpse so that it will not be returned to Ahura, that only Ryu and Hebi can only touch this. Ahura came to recover his skin but he can't. And so, he faced Ryu and Hebi and place a curse on them, making them live into one body. That entity was later called as the Grand Lotus. When the Grand Lotus died, his soul can't enter the underworld because of its duality.

The Constellation is considered as a non Ink of Life Dependent Relic. It only requires the person to be the choosen vessel of the Grand Lotus, or saying the Grand Lotus. 

The first wielder of this weapon is Nue, since Cherubihm was slain before he manage to wield it. Nue have it after she became the Insane Vanguard of Wisdom, where Athena gave it to her in order to her to become more powerful. But after Sha died, Nue was confined into a cube with Constellation and there it was not heard and existed for 500 years.

When Athena released Nue from her cube for help defeating Susano-O. Constellation was once again written in history, but Nue died battling Susano-O and her enemy throw away the Constellation, knowing he can't use this. But little is known, that Constellation started to hibernates and form into a person named Catleya Bizzare.

After Catleya died, the Constellation gathers it strength to reform itself, the Celestial Dragon, and it took for 5 years. After 5 years, it again started to devour mortals and rampage the world. Shar, after a long war in the Second Ragnarok, became a bounty hunter who manages to have an eye on Constellation, having 100 billion gold and a complete citizenship on the strongest and powerful kingdom of Sal. Shar defeated Constellation and reveals that it was her own mother...

The Constellation began to form itself into an inferior dragon, Quetzalcoatl, and Shar, once again, hunted her but Quetzalcoatl submitted itself to Shar, knowing that she is her daugther. 


Constellation is known as the most strongest defense weapon of all. Nothing can penetrate, not even Ahuran Relics' impact and as a living weapon known for many forms, it can shape itself into other weapon, depending on the holder's will.

Further AdaptationsEdit

Constellation became a religion in the Great Harvest, but as same with other late religions during that era. It was never acknowledge by its current wielder, Shar Valentine.


Constellation may linked into stellar constellation or star for having many forms.

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