In the beginning, the world was just a void. An entity was watching that world and saw that it was silent and boring. So he created mortals, beings of have intellect and can die. The entity saw it a please but he realized that the mortals can't have civilization. So he created deities, immortals and have powers superior than mortals. The mortals saw the deities and started to praise them, resulting into civilization.

Years passed by and the deities noticed their distinct powers and they want to know who is much superior in each other. So they wage war, and for others who seems do have a chance, formed alliances which later called "Religions". As series of Religious Wars occured, the entity finally decided to decend from the stars and appear on both races. He created seven vessels having one mind that he divided himself but one has the ability to created, which later called "The Creator" who leaded the other six who united those who wage war.

As later, an unknown entity seems to speculating the movements of the creator. He decided to do the same, as he created a vessel and wage war on the seven vessels of the creator. He was later named "The Destroyer".