is the dominant race in Ragnarok Exalt.


Dragons came from Jinns, the fiery demons, which also traces from the Heart of Ahura, Ifrit. Dragons are half Jinn half human which they inherit the ability which is called “Touch of the Flame God”. Dragons became dominant and was leaded by Saint Gregory. When Sal was tasked to gather all demi-human races, it was said that Gregory sold them to Susano-O. After Susano-O’s death. Sal formally announces the Dragon Clan as one of the 4 poweful demi-human clans in Ragnarok Exalt.

Power and WeaknessEdit

Dragons are known as one of the four powerful demi-human clans. Unlike Jinns, dragons can’t engage into a Jinn form which is known as a very powerful and rare instance (just to clarify, Wilhelmina call herself as Dragon but she is truly a Jinn). Dragons are able to summon, manipulate and defeat flames which after the Jinns gradually disappear; Dragons dominated the late Ragnarok Exalt.

Dragons depends their ability in the existence of Methane. The more methane in the air, the more they are undefeatable. They can regenerate quickly, and amplify their power. But little methane in the air makes them very weak and in worst, they’ll die.

Water is the greatest weakness of Dragons. They really hate water. It once said that Siv Valentine went out on the rain and lost his skin and organs, he became a walking skeleton. It short, when a Dragon meets water, they melt and too much of it they will die.

Kinds of DragonsEdit

Dragons has three divisions based on their ability they are..

The Red DragonEdit

Is the main division of Dragon Clan. They fully gained the Touch of the Flame God and able to summon flame instantly by means of transmuting air to flame. They are leaded and based from the name of Edward Red Dragon, the second king of Sal Kingdom

The Crimson WingEdit

Is the second division of Dragon Clan. Unlike Red Dragons, Crimsonwing has a Touch of Flame God but didn’t inherit fully. They are only able to manipulate an existing flame. But still they can invoke flame spells by a Sealing Language. They are leaded and based from the name of Princess General Wilhelmina Crimsonwing

The AshflameEdit

Is the final division of Dragon Clan. Unlike the other two divisions, Ashflame is very different. The inherited the anti-flame ability. They are able nullify flames spells, that includes Tragedy Arcane of Flame. Edward Red Dragon saw them as hostile with the doing of his brother, William Ashflame, who leads the Ashflame division. He exiled this division but after Siv Valentine became the King of Sal Kingdom, he welcomes again the Ashflames.

End of DragonsEdit

After Rian the Snake stood the Lotus Kingdom. He invades the Sal Kingdom and exterminates the Dragon Clan. Both Red Dragons and Crimson Wings was annihilated that made Siv Valentine welcome the Ashflame as a remaining Dragon leaving.

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