A small demi-human race which was considered extinct. But, classified into the four most powerful demi-human clans of the world.


There’s a little to no traces of Nocturnes where it came from. The only known thing is Susano-O was their leader.

After the defeat of Susano-O, Sad requested Sal to had them. Nocturnes live together with Ahurans and created anomalies over the people. Half-blooded Ahurans with Nocturne lineage gone insane after they become 20, Velvet was an exception because she was able to create dual personality over herself.


Nocturnes was described to have fangs. They can suck blood of their victims and be able to accumulate its powers as a race. There no definite weakness of Nocturnes.


Nocturnes gone extinct after Sad became mad, seeing his people gone insane. He massacres any Nocturne and half-nocturne in every part of the world. At the start Great Harvest, Nocturnes are known as the second race became extinct, following the ancient race of Fallen Angels.

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