This section narrates all the history in the universe of the story...

Era of the BeginningEdit

????- 1

  • The Entity called "The Creator" created the universe.
  • Deities and Mortals came to exist.
  • Four Major Continents of the world started to float.
  • Bahd named the world in him.
  • Unknown Portals came to exist.
  • Demons interlopes to Bahd.
  • Sealing Languages was created.
  • Constellation was defeated by The Grand Lotus.
  • Fallen Angel race became extinct.


  • The Deities formed several alliances which later called "Religions".
  • The First Holy War, Seikishidan, engulfed.
  • Constellation was defeated by the Grand Lotus
  • Sad Kingdom was founded.
  • Greek found the ability to control beasts and called it Fable as the people who can called Saints.


  • Rhayne started to slay all of the Personas, including Ahura the Creator and Bahd the Destroyer.
  • Nue was contained in Athena's Cube.
  • Sha died.
  • The Sha Kingdom was founded announcing Yu, Sha's betrothed, as the first king of Mortals.
  • Rhayne renounce himself as The God of All Gods.


  • Rhayne died.
  • Hol Kingdom was founded.

Excellentia Bellum (E.B.)Edit

160 E.B.

  • Catholic Religion was created as the first mortal-raced religion.
  • 7 Major Religions came was announced.

740 E.B. 

  • Seikishidan ended as Greek its victor.

750 E.B.

Excellentia Diez (E.D.)Edit

754 E.D

  • Jinns created Islam as the second mortal-raced religions

761 E.D. 

810 E.D.

  • Jihad Ended, as Islam its victor.

900 E.D.

  • Lawicia, the Counsel of Gods, was founded as the Kingdom of Deities.

Ragnarok ExaltEdit

970 R.E.

  • Susano-O wage war on the Lawicia.
  • Lawicia announces the new era, Ragnarok Exalt.
  • Sal started to gather the Demihuman races called "Clans".

974 R.E.

  • Nue died.
  • Sal and the formed gods alliance defeated Susano-O.
  • Sad created the Alacanism

981 R.E.

  • Lilith died.
  • Sal Kingdom was founded.
  • Sal announces new law that all Mortal will adapt or create Surnames.

995 R.E.

  • Rian the Snake defeated Velvet Silentstorm and recovers Qing Long Bridge.
  • Rian wage war on Sad Kingdom.

1002 R.E.

  • Rian defeated the Sad Kingdom

1003 R.E.

  • Rian came back to Sal Kingdom
  • Kyl was born.

1005 R.E.

  • Siv Valentine was born
  • Lona was executed
  • Black Lotus was formed and wage war on Sal Kingdom

1006 R.E.

1009 R.E.

  • Black Lotus was defeated.
  • The Barrier of Mortal World and Deity World was destroyed.
  • Lawicia was detatched from the Yggrasil and fall.
  • Lotus Kingdom was founded.

1011 R.E.

  • The Drake Central was founded

1015 R.E.

  • Shar Greyrose was choosen to be the next Grand Lotus.

1016 R.E.

  • Second Ragnarok engulfed.

1017 R.E.

  • Second Ragnarok ended with the death of Ares.
  • Lawicia's continent began to float.
  • Hol Kingdom's Sky Table began to float.

1018 R.E.

  • Shar defeated Constellation and starts to reside on Sal Kingdom.

1022 R.E.

  • Siv Valentine started his expedition.
  • Siv met Kyl Blackflower.

1023 R.E.

  • Siv Valentine got hold of The Immortal Flame
  • Shar got hold of The Constellation
  • Siv died.
  • Siv defeated Shura in the Underworld and got the Crown of Power and became the second God of Power.
  • Shar defeated Athena and became the second Goddess of Wisdom.
  • Kyl killed Cu Chulainn and became the God of Time.
  • Lotus Kingdom invaded Sal Kingdom.
  • Rhayne was defeated by Siv.
  • Shar died but was revived by Siv.
  • Siv begans his Milenium Slumber.

Great Harvest [G.H.]Edit

1023 G.H.

  • Shar announces the new era.

2000 G.H.

  • Lotus - Sha Kingdom war engulfed.
  • War of Astral World engulfed.

2011 G.H.

  • Siv Valentine awakenes from his Millenium Slumber.
  • Treaty of Lotus - Sha Kingdom war was signed.

2012 G.H.

  • Siv Valentine ended the Lotus - Sha Kingdom war.
  • Siv died together with Shar.
  • Kyl went to Underworld.

2013 G.H.

  • Rhayne was reincarnated.

2034 G.H.

  • Siv, Shar and Kyl came back to Bahd.
  • Siv and his alliance wage war to Rhayne.

2035 G.H.

  • World of Bahd was destoryed.