Touch of the Flame God is a passive in-born ability which was inheretid from the Jinns


Mainly, this ability is related to Flame Element. Any person who has this ability can summon, transmute and manipulate flame with their own will. Also, the person will be traced out his or her origin back where Jinns exist (Era of Excellentia Bellum). 

But like other in-born ability, Touch of the Flame God has some degrees relative to its limitations...

First DegreeEdit

This degree is the most superior among the degrees. Any person in this class has the ability to summon flame without invoking a Sealed Language, whether how much and powerful it is. Even though they can summon flame, they are not able to take a fiery body form which they usually often mistaken as Jinns.

Second DegreeEdit

This degree is the most dominant among the degree. They are often called as Manipulators which they can shape and manipulate flame by their will. But they are not able to summon flame instantly but thus, they can still use Sealed Language in exchage of their own energy.

Third DegreeEdit

This degree is the most weakest of all. People in this degree are only able to heat their body affecting what they touch, but though, the masters of this degree are able to melt metal.

Fourth DegreeEdit

Also known as the rare degree, People in this degree are not able to create, manipulate or even heat theirselves but they are known for their power to transmute flame back into methane. People of this degree are known as the Ashflame.

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