is the protagonist in the third Book of Dragons, the Ashflame...

History and Background

He is the youngest child of Sal the Dragon. A very talented child and person that was even noted by the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena. He was described to be a master strategiest and a person whose wisdom is far greater than a full-pledged wizard of Hol, when he was 4 years-old. Because of that Athena trained him to use such talents and wisdom in to goodness.

5 years later, he return to his home and saw a massive destruction done by the current foe of the Sal Kingdom, The Sad Kingdom. There he vowed to himself to get his revenge. He recruit some skilled men; a wizard, a knight, a weaponsmith, a saint and a tactician. (which later adopted by the kingdom as a troop in book of dragons: the Dark Years.) Those few men are namely Medea, Arthur the Holy Knight, Bacchus, Saint Germain and Alexander the Great, respectively.

After sometime, his name and his group became widely known throughout the kingdoms and worlds. He was able to took revenge to Sad Kingdom, but some few months, he was defeated by one of Sad's daughters, Velvet Silentstorm, single handly. 

Daunted by her aura, William lost all hope but he was approached by a persona, named Goldlun and promised him power over all mortals in exchange to grant her wish.