wizards or lately named as Arcanists are very known to the world. They are the first known literates in the world who created the sealing languages. Wizards are expert on invoking spells in different sealing languages and later taught it to people to help as a tool in progress.

Kinds of WizardsEdit


Synther is a kind of wizard who can transform spells into material form like gems and glyphs. Synthers became rare when papyrus was discovered and writting languages was created.


Invoker is also a rare form of a wizard. Invoker is a wizard who use verbal sealing languages like Gospel and Aramaic and most of them usually seen holding a grimoire. Most of Invokers are demons who are experts in Aramaic, which later called the Language of Demons. Dunamis is the only living god, in Siv's time, who is an Invoker,


Arcanist is a kind of wizard who is devoted to Arcanes. Due to the nature of Arcanes which is very easy to learn, wizards became a big group and thus Arcanes became one of the nessecities of the world. Arcanism is limitless and a wizard can combine different elements in an Arcane. Later the legend of wizards became no legend as the Wizards was called as Arcanists.


Arcanites are people who can use an Arcane that don't follow the Laws of Nature. They are the weapons of Bahd who have used them to conquer most of the world's populace and landmass. Later Arcanites was declared as a race by the Lawicia due to the fact that their soul goes to Underworld.


Valkyries or a Valkyrie is also one of the modern wizards. Valkyries are experts on Alacanism which is an invoking of spell with the use of hand movement which was invented by Sad by studying Arcanism more deeper. Most of Valkyries are Ahurans and Sad Kingdom has its own Valkyrie Army.

Legendary WizardsEdit

The Black WizardEdit

Black Wizard is the most powerful wizard of all. Even more powerful than White Wizard. Black Wizard has the ability to null and disarm all form of sealing languages in an area that surrounds him and only the Black Wizard can invoke a spell. Known black wizard is Myr Arcan.

The White WizardEdit

White Wizard is only of the oldest legends of all which the story was been passed for many generations. White Wizard has the ability to master all kinds of sealing language without learning it and invoke it with his imagination or, in Arcane, without creating an Arcane seal. A very well known white wizard is Kyl Blackflower and Sal.